T-Pain’s Twitch Stream Tirade Is Going Viral

T-Pain is going viral. The Grammy award winner took to the platform on Wednesday July 14th as usual. He played a music submission that apparently it sounded too much like everything else and the internet is talking. Take a look at his passionate outburst.


T-Pain Goes Viral

Many in Hip Hop few that Teddy Verseti has truth in his words. The game is and has been for a long time, a little saturated with artists of the same ilk. In the past, analysts could blame the phenomena on big record labels and puppeteers pulling the strings behind the scenes. But the rise of so many successful independent rap movements has put that theory into question as not much has changed. That’s why T-Pain is going viral.

He mentions three artists who seem to bee at the forefront of today’s sound, “Lil Uzi Vert is already doing it. Lil Baby is already doing it. DaBaby is already doing it. It’s literally two n-ggas with Baby in their name that’s already doing all the music you want. Do something else! Do something else! That’s it! That’s all we want. Do something else! Holy shit. We have it! We have it already!”

T-Pain Is Right

T- Pain is going viral for the right reasons. His rant should be respected as objective opinion, though it is ultimately opinion. It is a discussion that tends to happen in private circles but fails to reach a broader discourse and he calls artists out, “You know when your shit sounds like somebody else’s shit,” he begins. “You’re making it because you’re in the studio like, ‘What’s the number one record now? We need to make another one of those.”

Artists have always been inspired by each other but Hip Hop shows a fickle tolerance of that reality. The genre has always championed artistic originality to the point that it simply just doesn’t do cover songs, but Teddy Penderazdoun is right. We have felt this forever and are able to feel it more and more these days due to the elimination of the need for a record deal. It’s a direct result of the elimination of the classic A&R and we will continue to feel the effects. Shout out to T-Pain for always keeping it real with his fans.

Author: Frank Levert