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Lil Baby and Lil Durk

A Lil Overloaded

Hip Hop is a lil overloaded on the pre-name Lil, obviously short for little. It’s a little ironic that everyone’s name is “lil” in a genre that always does it so big.

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Yasin Bey Will Play Thelonious , Mos def

Yasin Bey Will Play Thelonious

Yasin Bey’s acting prowess has been proven, delivering competent performances alongside some powerhouse actors. He played Chuck Berry in Cadillac Records and caught Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for Something The Lord Made.

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2chainz 2 Chainz tityboi Trap music

Is Trap Music Dead?

While 2 Chainz is not the only Trap rapper, his announcement holds weight. His evolution should be the norm.

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