Taleban Dooda – “Chopstix” Prod. by Internet Money

Taleban Dooda Chopstix

Rapping is about to be the new state pastime of Florida. The list of emcees from the Orange State seems to grow with every new birth and low and behold, a lot of them are the real new sound of rap. Same goes for Tampa native Taleban Dooda who slides in our inboxes with the official music video to his Internet Money produced, stream friendly banger, “Chopstix.”

Describing Dooda as dynamic is a disservice. He and this visual are absolutely explosive, as well as a bit confusing. In the Joshua Valle directed video, we are meant to peek behind the curtain of Talebans “illicit organization” and watch him, I guess get his “Tony Montana” off(?).

We are immediately greeted to some chicks bagging up shotgun slugs for some reason when Dooda appears out of nowhere, seemingly unable to ride the escalator correctly like some kid in the mall you got stuck behind and have to wait while the parents coax the little dumbass on. He promptly appears next to the women to happily interrupt their busy-work with his own personal turn up session.

Again, the “Chopstix,” is a banger. It really doesn’t say anything though and the video matches that energy, maybe to a fault. The red beam performance was kinda dope and should be incorporated into a stage show. There was a lot of firing but not a lot of aim during the gun range scene (note the targets before the headshot), and the whole affair maintains an air of incompleteness.

The gist looks to be an illegal arms deal that doesn’t go bad or good, it just kind of goes. We get a quick payment exchange but no real story is told so all in all, it’s just music video. It does feel like you need to really feel the record to be all in on this visual. Clocking in at under two minutes, looks like Dooda just had an extra two racks he didn’t want to just waste so he threw it at a visual. It was for the best for sure.

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Author: Frank Levert