Taleban Dooda “Chosen” Feat. T9ine

Taleban Dooda is back with another reminder that he’s destined for greatness. Chosen (feat. T9ine) is the newest track and video from the 18-year-old from East Tampa, FL and it most definitely adds sunshine to any cloudy day.

Dooda has been on a steady grind the past couple of years with 2020 being his most successful. Releases like Tru Colors, Dis Dooda, Finish Him and Problematic gained him some traction. Tru Colors being his most viewed video on Youtube with 1.2 Million views and Dis Dooda being Vice’s #24 hottest song of Sept. 2020. Now, Dooda is back for more.

Produced by Gasky Beats, Dooda and fellow Florida rapper, T9ine, team up on the hook. They rhyme over beautiful piano and reverbed vocals that remind you everything’s going to be alright.

The Rostrum Records signee takes the lead on the first verse. Dooda raps with pure confidence. When he’s at his best, nobody can bring him down. He raps,

“Made lil buddy angel dust he shouldn’t ah play with us /Like why the city hate on us this shit was made for us /We will never be forgotten they gon remember us.”

T9ine takes the second verse and comes in with the literal hunger. He joins Dooda in reaching for his own greatness. He raps,

“Trying to eat my stomach growling this money piling /She like the way I be shining and I ain’t even got no diamonds /She want me to put my time in but I be grinding.”

Reminiscent of the feeling that Good Day by Nappy Roots gave you when you first heard it, Chosen (feat. T9Nine) is a track that sprouts the seed of hope and happiness inside of the listener. We all have greatness destined inside of us. While always repping East Tampa, Taleban Dooda is one of the young up-and-comers that recognizes his greatness and is answering the call to be chosen.

Check out the music video below and stay connected to DaCultureReport for more independent hip hop.

Author: Grant Boyer
Grant Boyer is a hip hop head at heart from Chicago, IL. Some of his all-time favorite artists are J. Cole, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, and Biggie. When he’s not writing, he’s playing his Nintendo Switch, watching Seinfeld reruns, and collecting vinyl and cool hip hop collectibles. The coolest hip hop collectible he owns is an original Jay-Z Dead Presidents cassette from 1995. He’s also wondering if anybody has a working cassette player he can borrow.