The Hxliday Delivers His Latest EP “BatBxy”

Motown’s 19-year-old rap artist, The Hxliday delivers his newest Ep, “BatBxy.” The six-song Ep showcases The Hxliday’s ability to be extremely vulnerable and triumphant. While living through the pain that life can bring.

The track “Thank You,” is reminiscent of the late Juice WRLD. The Hxliday sings over fluttering guitar riffs about his own loneliness and losses. Produced by Ryini, ZtheSavage, and RE-II. The track is an ode to The Hxliday’s coping mechanism: drugs. He sings on the hook; 

I don’t wanna be all alone /Cause oh I hate this feeling in my heart /We getting high, way too up /I feel alright, thank you drugs.

On another standout song, “Laugh A Little.” The Hxliday raps the messages of hope and self-worth over bumping and groovy basslines. Produced by Dub Tha Prodigy and Natra Average. The track is a reminder to smile because everything is good—a message to himself and his fans. 

“BatBxy is about my past year experiences,” says The Hxliday. It’s a special note from me to my fans. I feel like it’s me stepping out of my old self.”

Repping the DMV, specifically Baltimore. The Hxliday is a star who’s ready to shine. His glow has constantly been getting brighter with the videos totaling 10 million+ views on Youtube. If you want to feel up, down, lonely or hopeful, The Hxliday and his newest EP Bat Bxy will definitely put you in a variety of feels. 

Check out the 17 minute EP below and for more independent hip hop, stay connected to DaCultureReport.

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Author: Grant Boyer
Grant Boyer is a hip hop head at heart from Chicago, IL. Some of his all-time favorite artists are J. Cole, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, and Biggie. When he’s not writing, he’s playing his Nintendo Switch, watching Seinfeld reruns, and collecting vinyl and cool hip hop collectibles. The coolest hip hop collectible he owns is an original Jay-Z Dead Presidents cassette from 1995. He’s also wondering if anybody has a working cassette player he can borrow.