The Universal Hip-Hop Museum Set To Open In 2023

After years in the making, the hip-hop museum is finally coming to the Bronx. Construction on the Bronx Point project is set to begin this week. Inside the complex is where the Universal Hip-Hop Museum will be housed. The 52,000 square foot museum will house a massive collection of hip-hop, deejaying, graffiti art, and breakdancing artifacts and exhibits.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment. I personally have been waiting for 10 years, but originally we were set for next summer, but because of budget constraints we got pushed back finally here we are to start construction, and everybody is so excited,” said Rocky Bucano, executive director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, who spent nine years searching for the perfect location to showcase the history of hip-hop.

The museum is expected to open its doors in 2023. The 50th anniversary of the genre, which was said to have begun in the Bronx in 1973.

Author: Precious Gibson