The WRLDFMS Tony Williams Drops Modern Love Song “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale)”

WRLDFMS Tony Williams Everybody knows

The WRLDFMS Tony Williams brings feel good vibes on his latest single “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale).” With a mix of soul, gospel and funk, Tony fuses beautiful live instrumentation that will make any new lovers’ hearts go pitter patter in this modern love song.

The WRLDFMS (World Famous) Tony Williams has been working in the music industry for quite some time now. With five GRAMMYS won over his career, he first started working with a young Kanye West in 2004, and has been a frequent collaborator ever since. He has worked with other artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, Rihanna and John Legend. He is a noble solo artist as well. His last project, The 7th Day – EP, released in 2017, featured artists like Cyhi The Prince, Kanye West and Pharoahe Monch. Clearly, Tony Willams has worked with the best of them and his talent can’t be stopped.

Produced by THEVAMP, the sounds on Everybody Knows is textbook THE WRLDFMS Tony Williams. Brass horns and piano chords hold down most of the production. The instrumentation is dense but not cluttered and leaves enough air space for Tony’s vocals to shine. He simply cannot deny his feelings and the incredible chemistry between him and his lover. He sings,

Say, say global warming’s what has got us hot / Our chemistry is fire, our temperature is oh my God / If smoke gets in your eyes / My, my, my-my, my-my, my, oh my, oh my, and for Heaven sakes

No word yet on a future project coming from Tony, but with a history of big name collaboration and rich production, he’s providing music that is needed for the soul.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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