TheHxliday Returns to Rage with Newest Single “Opps”

Motown's 19-year-old rap artist, The Hxliday delivers his newest Ep, "BatBxy."

TheHxliday Returns to Rage with Newest Single “Opps.” This newest single unveils a whole new layer of TheHxliday he hasn’t quite shown yet.

Motown Records signee, TheHxliday, is back with more heat for the Spring with his newest single “Opps.” After releasing an EP nearly two months ago, the 19 year old is back and this time he’s here to rage.

Hailing from Baltimore, TheHxliday has been releasing music consistently for the past few years. Collaborations with Lyrical Lemonade helped push his music to more fans in 2019. With his tracks Save Me and Mistakes totalling 10 million+ views on Youtube, he’s been growing ever since. The EP “Bat Bxy,” released in January of this year, showcased his natural ability to be versatile with his music. This newest single unveils a whole new layer of TheHxliday he hasn’t quite shown yet.

Produced by Banrisk, Opps is made for the moshpit. With thumping 808s and buzzing synths, TheHxliday turns his energy up to full max and it fuels his raps: he’s invincible. With an attitude that screams I don’t give a f*ck, his lyrics are filled with violence and drugs. The only thing that TheHxliday came to do was rage. He raps,

Feel it in my body, that Perc hit the spot / It’s killin’ my feelings, I’m feelin’ a lot / Shoot one at his head, shoot one at his eye / Pull up with the gang, we blow up yo’ spot

With a superb ability to switch from emo pop records to moshpit ragers, TheHxliday always surprises his fans with fresh creative music.

Check out the official music video below and stay connected to DaCultureReport for more independent hip hop.

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