Topaz Jones Releases New Album Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma

Topaz Jones Don’t GomTellin’ Your Momma

Genre bending lyricist, Topaz Jones, releases his new album Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma. With an ability to fuse rock, rap and funk into one unique sound, Topaz Jones not only reflects on the Black experience, but on his own Black experience in this 40 minute musical journey.

Hailing from New Jersey, Topaz Jones came on the scene in 2011 with early mixtapes but didn’t release his debut album, Arcade, until 2016. The track “Tropicana” became his biggest hit off the debut and a COLORS SHOW performance of the track pinged him on the radars of millions of fans. He has released a series of singles and collaborations since his debut, including his single “Toothache,” and his collaboration with Levin Kali and Smino on the track “Homegirl.” After 5 years in between albums, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Mama was damn sure worth the wait.

The first single off the album, “Herringbone” is a display of family dysfunction. A melancholy yet personal track for Topaz, but one that is relatable to all families with a few problems here and there. Heavy guitar and electronic keys, produced by Topaz, Jack Hallenback and Alissa, provide the organized chaos for Topaz to sing and rap over.

You know we just imitate what the parents show / The bad habits, the trust issues, the marriage woes / We inherit those, until the day we have some kids of our very own / And we pass it all down like a herringbone

Along with the album, Topaz released a short film with the same title. Pieced together with home footage and original material, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma (the short film) was written and directed by Topaz and rubberband. The film was selected in the 2021 Sundance Film Festival and incorporates much of the music from the album.

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Topaz Jones – Don't Go Tellin' Your Momma from rubberband. on Vimeo.

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