Upcoming Drink Champs Episode Will Feature Drake

Drake will be the next guest on the podcast/TV show, Drink Champs. Hosted by rapper N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, the episode will reportedly discuss the beef between Drake and the late DMX. With the format of the show revolving around getting drunk and sharing stories, who knows what else will be shared.

N.O.R.E. shared the news on IG last night with a photo of himself and Drake. With the caption “CHAMPAGNE PAPI; but who’s who? 🦉 🔥🔥OVO DRINK CHAMPS LOADING. a lot of people don’t know but I squashed the beef between dmx and drake thru my boy 40 but we Will save that for drinkchamps!!!”

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The beef allegedly started in 2016 when Drake used a sample from DMX’s “What These Bitches Want?” on his track “U With Me?” off of Views. DMX disapproved of the sample but apparently, Nore was the one who alleviated any tension between the two.

Started in 2016, Drink Champs has turned into a cultural rap staple over the past few years. Broadcasted on REVOLT TV, the show brings on guests who have made an impact on hip hop culture where they talk, drink and share stories that fans will most likely never hear anywhere else. The show won an NFTA Award for Best Talk Show in 2018 and some notable guests have included Rick Ross, Nas, DMX, and most recently Pharrell and Cam’Ron. Now, with a Drake episode coming soon, they may have another legendary episode on their hands.

A Drake interview is hard to come by these days. Drizzy doesn’t talk to the press like he did towards the beginning of his career, so to hear him speak for upwards of 2-3 hours will be a great accomplishment for Drink Champs and an even greater accomplishment for the culture.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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