Usher Comes Clean About Fake Money

Usher bucks usher money usher raymond

The incomparable eight-time Grammy winning, diamond-selling certified Usher Raymond is finally opening up about his alleged “Usher Bucks”, essentially mock US currency bearing the Confessions singers likeness.

Usher had been silent since the April 12th post to the Dancers Resource IG page, calling out the mega-star for allegedly tipping strippers with the bogus dough. The post featured and image of three denominations, with a profile of President Raymond on a one dollar, twenty dollar and a one hundred dollar bill. The post quickly racked up likes and comments, both condemning and crucifying the former star of The Voice.

Usher bucks usher money usher raymond

Usher has now spoken up about the issue in an interview with Billboard to promote his upcoming Las Vegas residency. “The idea behind Usher Bucks was really a way of promoting the residency. And since then, there has been more conversations, thus proving roads lead to Las Vegas. Stay tuned. We’ve been working on the merchandise for the night and that was the start of it.”

Opinions differ on the inventiveness of the marketing move but most are in agreement on the poor execution, though it was reported that all due fees, gratuity included, were paid to the dancers, with the funny money being used solely as a publicity stunt.

Usher bucks usher money usher raymond

“We’re getting ready to do something that I’ve always wanted to do and I didn’t know that it would happen at this juncture of my life. This is really a celebration because we’re coming from a year of being off,” Usher said in the interview before introducing six new August dates to the string of Caesars Palace performances.

The bills clearly say “Las Vegas Residency” across the top so many feel the controversy was contrived to begin with but hey, the “My Way” singer has always done things his way, can’t be mad if he pays “his way” as well.

Author: Frank Levert