Wendy Williams Spills All in New Biopic

Wendy Williams has always been known for controversial opinions, “spilling tea” about our favorite celebrities and social media personalities, and being brutally honest. This type of over the air banter skyrocketed Wendy’s career throughout the 90s and made her the queen of Hip Hop Radio and now daytime television.

However, on January 30th, Wendy decided to turn herself into a real-life Hot Topic with the premiere of her Lifetime biopic, Wendy Williams: The Movie. The movie chronicles her rise to the top. While detailing very intimate and personal moments in her life, including her divorce from her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

There are several eye-opening moments that humanize the woman behind the gossip. We learn about her struggle with her weight as a child and her parents’ harsh critiques that shattered her self-esteem.
She even takes us behind the scenes into her addiction to cocaine. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Wendy Williams project without a little messiness. As some of the characters’ names were changed to protect their real identities, Wendy did not hold back, letting the audience know who her haters were and the people who mistreated her.

According to the film, Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One, was not a
big fan of Wendy after hiring her and often ridiculed her. Wendy’s celebrity rapper boyfriend Eric B used her and destroyed her credit. The film goes into great detail about her ex-husband Kevin’s infidelities as

The film was followed by a documentary that gave even more insight into Wendy’s life. It featured personal accounts from her friends, family, colleagues, and Wendy herself.

Author: David "SouloMind" Ellis
David “SouloMind” Ellis is an entertainment vlogger and freelance journalist from Detroit, Michigan. Through several media platforms, David has shared an array of music news and history with his engaging and enjoyable digital content. David currently hosts a digital show titled, “The Spotlight” on Relationship Entertainment Television.