YG Gifts Newly Released Inmates With His Signature Sneaker

YG Gifts Newly Released Inmates With His Signature Sneaker

To celebrate the release of his joint album “Kommunity Service,” with Mozzy, YG has donated sneakers to newly released inmates.  

On Friday, May 21st, the West Coast MC handed out the newest edition of his Red Flame Block Runners at the Amity Foundation House in Los Angeles. All of the men staying at the transitional home have been recently freed from prison and are living there until they can regain their independence. 

“Shoes is everything,” YG explained to TMZ. “Shoes is something you need. When you wake up, you going to leave the house, you gotta put on a pair of shoes, and you know people love sneakers first of all. But for the homies that’s fresh out of prison from doing life sentences, they probably didn’t know they was gonna come home, and they out, and they tryna figure out life and do the right thing. So, I know for somebody with some status or celebrity to pull up and just gift them with anything, I know they appreciate it. It probably goes a long way. So, that’s all I wanted to do.”

In a video clip from the sneaker giveaway, YG welcomed the men home and gave them some encouraging words. 

“I grew up out here in the streets, and I feel like I just wanna give back to the people. I want to shine some light on the people. I have my own brand. I’m doing my own shoes, so it’s only right I let the community get some. Show some love to the community and the people.”

The rappers gifted 100 pairs of sneakers, which currently retail for $200. This is not YG’s first time giving out the popular shoe for free to people in his community. Not long after he released the white and red colorway in March, YG gave out 50 pairs of the shoe to people staying at the Union Rescue Mission homeless shelter.

Author: Precious Gibson