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Young Thug And Gunna Post Bond For 30 Low-Level Offenders

Young Thug Gunna Atlanta

Young Thug And Gunna Post Bond For 30 Low-Level Offenders

Back in February this year, WSB-TV, a local television station in Atlanta, Georgia reported that the Fulton County Jail at the time had 2900 inmates, which was 400 overcapacity. Councilman Michael Bond remarked that the facility had “some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen.”

The station is now reporting that hip hop artists Jeffery Lamar Williams, B.K.A. Young Thug and Giavanni Kitchens, B.K.A. Gunna have generously posted bonds for 30 low-level offenders who were unable to free themselves while awaiting trial. The frequent collaborators did not divulge the amount of the bonds but did allude to plans of helping more inmates in the future.

“You never know what somebody been through. There was people sitting out three or four years and couldn’t get out on a bond,” said Gunna. “If they did the crime, then they can do the time, then it’s all right. But it’s like you’re giving them a bond higher than what they stole.”

“This is where we are from,” Young Thug said in an interview with WSB-TV. “We just woke up and went to the jail with the lawyer and you know DA’s and the prosecutors, you know, the bonding companies and just got as many people as we can out.”

The duo’s label, Young Stoner Life Records shot a video of the families reunification with the freed inmates to be used in a later project before being treated to a home-cooked feast. “It feels so good to the point where you start feeling that’s why God put me here. He put me here to do this,” Young Thug stated.

The move is the latest instance in which we see hip-hop stars going above and beyond to give back to their communities in increasingly more creative ways. Shout out to all the artists doing positive things to touch people’s lives, on and off the mic.